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Certified Pre-Owned Cars for Sale in Fort Walton Beach, FL

Buy Smart. Buy Certified. 

Considering certified pre-owned cars for sale in Fort Walton Beach, FL, is a smart decision. ZT Motors has a plethora of low-mileage, gently-used vehicles all polished and buffed up to get that new car smell we all relish. Whether you’re looking for a certified Toyota Camry or a Mercedes-Benz C-Class, we’ve got you covered, so come on down to our convenient location and take a look!

One of the main reasons we feel safer buying new vehicles is due to the lack of unknowns. We know the vehicle’s “history” – it came from a manufacturer plant to the dealer. We get a manufacturer’s warranty with some great coverage, just in case anything out of the ordinary happens. And, well, that new car smell comes standard. It can be just as gratifying to purchase a certified pre-owned, though, and, in fact, it can save you a ton of money while getting you virtually the same benefits!

Every single certified vehicle on our website has an immediately viewable CARFAX® History ReportTM. This magical report lists the services the vehicle has undergone, where it’s driven most of its miles, and its odometer readings. This is one of those times where taking the mystery out of something is a 100 percent positive. There are plenty of other benefits to considering certified pre-owned cars for sale in Fort Walton Beach, FL, the least of which is the warranty that comes along with the title. Certification varies per brand, so speak with your salesperson to find out the specifics, but certified warranties are generally very close in coverage to a manufacturer’s warranty. Each vehicle must pass an extensive and thorough multi-point inspection by our Service Department before it’s able to grace our sales lot with its availability. Years, mileage, and condition are all taken into account before being awarded the certified pre-owned approval.

How does this save you money, though? We all know pre-owned vehicles cost less, sometimes significantly, than their new counterparts. Well, the moment the first owner signs on the dotted line and drives that vehicle off the lot, it can depreciate as much as 11 percent1 from the moment those back wheels breech the dealership’s drive. Amazing, right? Buying a low-mileage, certified pre-owned car mitigates that loss of value, saving you money while getting a like-new vehicle. It’s a win-win really!

So, when you’re considering certified pre-owned cars for sale in Fort Walton Beach, FL, come on down to ZT Motors. Our expansive inventory and personable staff will get you into your dream vehicle in no time! 

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